Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monster Movers ® business culture is centered around family.

Do you have to have a family to own a Monster Movers ® franchise? No, but you will be welcome as part of ours. Monster Movers ® core values differ from other franchises in our business category. We are not college students and we are not big business. We are that expansive space in between the two.

Professional, Enthusiastic Team – Every member of the Monster Movers ® team generally stays part of the team for many years. Why? We are constantly developing new, successful systems allowing us to stay fresh and relevant. Being a part of our team is like playing football. We don’t always do the same plays – our players would get bored and the other teams would catch on. It is important for us to constantly grow and implement current trends while providing the best service to our customers.

Family-owned, Boutique Locations - Through our extensive list of suppliers and vendors, Monster Movers ® is able to provide white-glove moving and storage services offering competitive pricing against other movers who cannot offer the same type of services. Each of our locations are encouraged to go above and beyond for employees and customers.

Giving Thanks - The Monster Movers ® team takes part in many community service events ranging from sponsoring concerts to youth running clubs. Ultimately, the goal is to merge community, responsibility, work and play.

The Monster Movers ® Family includes CEO, William Antonelli, his wife Sarah and their six daughters. Monster Movers ® started in 2000, a year before their first daughter, Kayalani, was born. "We realized that we were having a child and our life turned around" Bill tells his story. " At that moment, I devoted my life to my family and my business , since then, I have never looked back." Monster Movers ® began operating out of a garage space about 40 miles outside of Boston. The first move booked came from a flyer that was pinned at a local coffee shop. Now, 15 years later Monster Movers ® is inviting other like-minded people to join in creating a franchise focused on customer, employee and franchisee satisfaction. "There are other franchises that say the customer is their highest priority." "At Monster Movers ® we cannot put one above the other. Each the customer, employee and franchisees are equally important to us - each day we take steps to make sure each and everyone of the Monster Movers ® family.

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