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Monster Movers ® territories are formulated by and advanced algorithm which takes into consideration over 50 different factors. Our franchise development team will work with you to select a location that meets your business and future goals. Currently, we are accepting applications now for franchisee partners in highly visible areas to launch the Monster Movers ® brand. Because of our strategic marketing and instant brand recognition, we expect prime Monster Movers ® territories to be claimed very quickly. You can start the process by filling out the contact form or going straight to the advanced application. Shortly after we receive your information, our franchise sales manager will call you to discuss the opportunity and answer any questions. From there, we will schedule a virtual meeting where you will learn more about the culture and process to owning your own Monster Movers ®.

So, you want a Monster Movers franchise but don’t have enough cash on hand to start one. Monster Movers ® has a cooperative relationship with choice lenders and can guide you through the financing process start to finish. Monster Movers ® has worked with many lenders to make our guided program efficient and successful. After reviewing your application and meeting you, we will determine if you are a good Monster Movers ® candidate. Following the approval, we will design a custom program with all financing, training, and steps to launch your location. Monster Movers ® offers a couple of unique opportunities for people interested in their own franchise location who are unable to take on the full financial commitment. These opportunities may present themselves after the application review or later down the road as an employee at a current location. At Monster Movers ® we are confident that our system of training, counseling combined with our easy and unique system will create strong franchisees.

A common franchising question we hear frequently "how much cash do I need?" Everyone wants to know how much actual cash they will need to start a Monster Movers ® franchise. The short answer to this question is a minimum of $20,000. Through joint partnerships, if you fit our criteria and are a good fit at the Monster Movers ® family, we can set you up with financing from several sources.

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