Icing On The Cake

Why is Monster Movers ® the best franchise?

We do more for our franchisees. Monster Movers ® team offers a call center, advertising strategies, 24/7 access to training resources, and a hotline for new franchise owners who have questions and/or need assistance. When starting your franchise, we realize some franchisees have never owned a business and we don't expect them to write a business plan and/or start off alone. The Monster Movers ® team will help you with your business plan and financing from start to finish.

Call Center
Our trained staff and call center will be booking moves over the phone for you. This option simplifies operations, provides logistics insight and more importantly conserves funds, promotes growth, and enhances potential. On average, our leads via email are responded to instantly by email and within 1 minute by phone and/or opt in text. Our call center has outstanding sales statistics by providing customers with real information from informed agents. This will greatly boost sales performance and will be an addition to local moves your office will be booking. At any time you don't have someone in the office, you can forward the phones to real Monster Movers ® staff that possess great knowledge about the moving industry and can answer all questions, book moves and assist with any outstanding issues.

Advertising Strategies
One of the biggest obstacles in starting a new business is determining where to place advertising funds. Monster Movers ® has a complex algorithm and will provide a full report on where funds should be placed. Monster Movers ® will set up all adwords campaigns for you as part of your grand opening. We also provide lots of promotional material and swag for professional use.

Training Resources
24/7 access to training resources, a hotline for new franchisees, direct contact at all times with the Monster Movers ® team. Our training does not stop there. In fact, our training is easily rated as one of the best systems in the franchising world. Employees can be trained virtually with very little effort from you and/or a manager eliminating additional constraints on your time.

Vendor Relationships
Monster Movers ® has built a series of strong merchant and vendor relationships that make getting started and growing uncomplicated. For growing franchises, we are able to get brand new bio-trucks lettered and delivered within 3 weeks. For new franchisees, we are able to get you "up and running" within 3 months.

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