The Cat's Out Of The Bag

Monster Movers ® has a national call center open 7AM-5PM EST.

Not only will you have the ability to book local moves yourself, we do a comprehensive national campaign and book moves for you. These moves are territory protected. Our call center is an upbeat group of sales reps all with over 5 years in the moving industry.

Working at the call center, employees learn communication skills, sales and support, hard work, marketing, and team play. Taught through on-line tutorials, games designed to stimulate positive speaking tactics and teamwork skills, Monster Movers ® staff is well-equipped to handle all incoming leads.

High quality, engaged training combined with Monster Movers ® strategic national and local advertising techniques complete the perfect duo of providing excellent moving and storage services to our customers and patrons alike. Of course we cannot go into specifics of how we advertise but what we can tell you is you will be absolutely amazed at how we are able to capture very specific customers that we advertise to. Combined with our love of community and supporting community events we feel confident that your name will be on the lips of every Realtor when they are asked to refer a moving company.

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