The Whole Nine Yards

Our franchise development team is dedicated to helping you find your feet in the franchise process. This starts with providing you with the support and training.

Every franchisee will have a tailor-made training program depending on previous skills and involvement. Below would be the standard training for new franchisees in order to launch. This would take place over 5 phases.

Phase 1: Computer-based Training: Our web-based training programs offer a deep look into the industry and how to effectively start and manage all facets of a Monster Movers® location. Some of the training may require additional counsel with one of our training representatives. All of our training videos are comprehensive and quiz-based. To date, there are approximately 40 hours of training that you will do online which will take approximately 5-8 days.

Phase 2: On-Site Training at Our Facility: 
This is a three to five-day training focused on store operations, as well hands on software systems and billing operations. This will take place in either Boston or Orlando and the entire family is welcome.

Phase 3: Customer and Employee Training: This is a two – five day training focused on employee management, customer service and handling incoming customers as well as after-move protocol. This is done via web with an online teacher as well as with in presentation form.

Phase 4: We Visit You: Once your office is set up, we will visit you during your grand opening and guide you one-on-one. We will also be able to assist with manager and employee training.

Phase 5: We Visit You – Again: After about three-six months, we will have a representative come to your location for two-three days to assist with any post-training help.

Continuing Education: As our brand grows, our representatives will be compiling new methods to increase our customer base that may be either web-based or taught at your location.

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